Ethyl Acetate

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Ethyl Acetate

Commodity :Ethyl Acetate

CAS#: 141-78-6


Structural Formula:


Uses: This product is widely used in acetate products, is an important industrial solvent, used in nitrocellulost, acetate, leather, paper pulp, paint, explosives, printing and dyeing, paint, linoleum, nail polish, photographic film, plastic products, latex paint, rayon, textile gluing, cleaning agent, flavor, fragrance, varnish and other processing industries.

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Specifications :

Item Standard
Appearance   Transparent liquid, no suspended impurities
Odor Comply with characteristic odor, no residual odor
Purity,% ≥99; ≥99.5; ≥99.7
Density, g/cm3 0.897-0.902
Chromaticity(in Hazen)(Pt-Co) ≤10
Moisture, % ≤0.05
Ethanol,% ≤0.10
Acidity(as acetic acid),% ≤0.004
Evaporation residue,% ≤0.001

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